Search is on for woman reportedly kidnapped for ransom in Bay Area

At some point during 29-year-old Denise Huskins’ kidnapping Monday in Vallejo, her boyfriend was given a ransom demand, police said a day later.

The woman, a physical therapist at Kaiser Permanente, was reported missing about 12 hours after her boyfriend told police that he saw her being “forcibly taken against her will” and spirited away, Vallejo police officials said Tuesday.

The boyfriend told police “a ransom demand was communicated” during her abduction, said Lt. Sid DeJesus.

On Tuesday, investigators could be seen examining the two-story yellow clapboard residence where Huskins was abducted, combing the shrubbery near the front door. Detectives dusted the door’s white trim for fingerprints.


At the same time, police said 75 people were combing the rustic area around the neighborhood for Huskins.

During a news conference Tuesday, officials provided few details to the public on the case, stressing the need to not jeopardize the investigation.

Huskins was reportedly abducted sometime between midnight and 5 a.m. on Monday but her boyfriend didn’t tell police until almost 2 p.m.

Public records list the home where the kidnapping took place as being registered to Aaron Quinn, 30. A car taken from the home and found elsewhere in the city is also under Quinn’s name. Police confirmed the homeowner was Huskins’ boyfriend and that the person who reported the abduction lived there.

The boyfriend was interviewed by detectives Tuesday morning. He has not been identified as a suspect by police.

“Hopefully we can extract information from him in a way that we can resolve this in a positive manner,” DeJesus said.

Quinn and Huskins are physical therapists at Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center, police said. Huskins hails from Huntington Beach but has been living in her own place in Vallejo for about the last year, police said.

The 500 block of Kirkland Avenue, where Huskins was abducted, was blocked off by police tape and a command vehicle idled nearby Tuesday morning.

The quiet development is situated on Mare Island, home of a sprawling decommissioned naval shipyard. Searchers in tan uniforms, some with dogs, could be seen combing nearby streets that abut extensive fenced off open space, some of it marshland.

Neighbors had little information but said Huskins’ disappearance was unsettling. Yards Eslami, 25, a student at nearby Touro University, said she hoped police would “do more patrols on the island.... Hopefully they’ll find her. Our prayers are with the family.”

The FBI and the Solano County Office of Emergency Services are helping in the search, Vallejo police said. Anyone with information on Huskins’ whereabouts are asked to call Vallejo police at (800) 488-9383 or Crime Stoppers at (707) 644-STOP.

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