Marine MP accused of beating, choking woman who refused sex at Pendleton beach

A Marine military police officer is accused of strangling a woman at a Camp Pendleton beach after she refused to have sex with him in a firetruck.

In a federal court filing obtained by the San Diego Union-Tribune this week, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service accuses Marine reserve military police officer Sgt. Daniel Jack Schumi of beating and choking an unidentified woman on Feb. 26 at the base’s Del Mar Beach Rental Cottages.

Responding to an emergency call placed from a neighboring cottage at the base resort, authorities found witnesses restraining Schumi after they overhead the screams of his alleged victim and came to save her.

According to the criminal complaint, a drunk Schumi suggested to the woman that they have sex in a firetruck parked at the beach. She didn’t want to do it and began packing to leave, the complaint states.


Schumi then spun her into a chair and squeezed her throat “until she saw black,” she told investigators. After she kicked herself free, he allegedly threw her to the floor, pinned her with his knees and then returned to strangling her, trying to cover her mouth to keep her from crying for help, authorities say.

It allegedly took four bystanders to hold him until Camp Pendleton’s law enforcement arrived, according to the complaint.

“NCIS does not discuss the details of ongoing investigations,” agency spokesman Ed Buice said by email.

Attempts to reach Schumi, 26, on a social media platform and the telephone number of a parent in Wisconsin were unsuccessful.


Reached by telephone, his court-appointed criminal defense attorney, John Ellis, declined to comment.

An arrest warrant was issued for Schumi on Nov. 6, and he was arraigned in federal court three days later, according to court documents.

Federal prosecutors allege that the woman also reported a previous assault by him in July of 2016 at their residence in Oceanside.

Prine writes for the San Diego Union-Tribune