Video shows San Diego police dog repeatedly biting handcuffed man


A video that shows a San Diego police canine aggressively biting and shaking a man in handcuffs while he was face down on the ground Sunday has gained attention on social media.

The video, posted on Facebook, (warning: graphic content) shows the dog latched on to the man’s arm for at least 30 seconds while one officer appears to attempt to pull the animal off, and two other officers hold down the man’s legs.

The man can be heard repeatedly screaming and shouting, “Uncomfortable!”


Angel Nuñez, who posted the video Monday night, said he was at work when the incident occurred.

“There is something definitely wrong with this picture,” he wrote above the footage.

A second video, also posted by Nuñez, appears to show the moments leading up to the dog bite. A shirtless man can be seen in the middle of a busy downtown street shouting and jerking his body toward an officer holding the canine close on a leash.

When the dog first clamps down, the man can be heard saying, “OK, OK, OK!”

Police are expected to provide more information about what happened later Wednesday, a San Diego police spokesman said.

Winkley writes for the San Diego-Union Tribune. Follow her on Twitter: @LAWinkley


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