Dramatic video shows Prius riding on a wave of mud during rain storm

Dramatic video shows Prius riding on a wave of mud during rain storm
A shot from a video showing a Prius riding on a wave of mud and water during a rainstorm Tuesday in Burbank (Burbank Firefighters Local 778)

A video taken during Tuesday’s rainstorm in Burbank, showing a car speeding down a hillside street while surrounded by a torrent of mud and water, had garnered more than 62,000 views on social media as of Thursday afternoon.


The video was uploaded to Instagram by Burbank Firefighters Local 778 with the caption “Urban Prius bobsledding in #Burbank!” With its headlights and windshield wipers on, the vehicle could be seen in the 26-second video going down Country Club Drive surrounded by a rush of mud, water and debris.

The firefighters union could not be reached for comment.

The car’s driver, Desionne Franklin, told KTLA that he never experienced anything like Tuesday’s storm. Prior to his wild ride, Franklin, a native of Dallas, had taken to his Instagram account earlier that morning to post a video of the rushing water.

“Man, look at California,” he says in the video.

Several hours later, he received word that the storm’s condition had worsened and that the neighborhood was being evacuated, according to KTLA.

Franklin told the TV station that he and his girlfriend soon then packed into the Prius.

"When I got halfway down the hill, I just felt this burst of water hit the back of the car,” he told KTLA.

The Prius then hydroplaned down the hill for a short while before Franklin was able to regain control of the car and make it to safety, the TV station said.

The vehicle escaped the rushing debris flow with just scratches and bumps.

“I just got pushed down the side of hill by a wall of water and mud,” Franklin said in a later Instagram video.“Rocks flowing, mud flowing …everywhere, barely made it out.”

Not every vehicle so lucky. A video shared by the Burbank Police Department earlier Tuesday shows two cars being battered by a mudslide at the bottom of Country Club Drive.