Santa Monica starts program to make nail salons safer

Santa Monica is launching a program to recognize nail salons with healthy environments.
(Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times)

In a push to make nail salons safer, the city of Santa Monica is launching a program to recognize salons that use healthier products and provide better indoor air quality.

The program, which begins Tuesday, aims to improve working conditions for roughly 120 nail technicians working at 30 licensed salons throughout the city.

Nail salons will be recognized if they meet certain requirements, including avoiding polishes with the most toxic chemicals, ensuring their employees wear proper gloves and taking steps to improve ventilation. The salons will have access to support and training through the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative.

Lisa Fu, outreach and program director of the collaborative, said several salons have already expressed interest in participating. Fu said she believed the program would lead to salons becoming safer for consumers and workers and could affect the type of products offered by manufacturers.

One salon owner, Loan An Nguyen, said she looked forward to hearing more about the program.


“I am excited to learn about less toxic products I can use for my shop and healthier salon practices,” she said in a statement.


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