Reader Photo: Cloud chasing over downtown L.A.

Noral Feddal and her friend braved the weekend’s heavy rain and hail to shoot photos of the storm clouds.

But instead of just pointing her camera toward the sky, Feddal took her camera up in the sky. Feddal’s friend flew a plane from Santa Monica Airport to downtown L.A. while Feddal shot photos through the newly cleaned windows.

“Although it was not easy to get the plane at a certain angle over downtown, I was really happy with the reflections of the buildings on the wings thanks to a really good job at waxing the plane!” Feddal said.

During the hourlong flight, the pair heard the radio control tower report extreme weather. To avoid the hail, they had to fly toward Malibu to wait out the storm before landing in Santa Monica.


“It was weird to see Malibu totally clear. LAX was visible on the other side, but SMO had heavy rain,” she said.

They landed safely at SMO with the photos to show for it.

Feddal made the image with a Canon 6D.

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