Reader Photo: A blur of rush-hour lights

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles is captured in this image taken from the First Street Bridge. 

(Ernie Leyba)

As a photographer and an Angeleno, Ernie Leyba hopes his photos will inspire people to explore the Los Angeles that we don’t see on television. 

“Put down the guide book, avoid the touristy places and explore what our city has to offer,” he said. 

After a long day at work, Leyba headed to the First Street bridge to make an image of the L.A. skyline, capturing a long exposure of the rush hour traffic and the Gold Line in the foreground. 

“Los Angeles is a beautiful city, especially at night,” he said. 


An avid traveler, Leyba focuses on making photos of cityscapes, landscapes and outdoor adventures. To see more of his images, visit his Instagram page. 

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