Farewell, summer

(Sabrina Rodriguez)

When at the fair, you can’t go wrong with a picture of a Ferris wheel.

Sabrina Rodriguez knew the moment she walked through the gates, she was going to snap a picture of it. Then around 6 p.m., the sky turned dark and soft and that was when it felt right. Rodriguez found it challenging, as she was positioned nearly under the grand round machine. And the palm trees were a must to layer the photograph. She used a Samsung Galaxy S6.

As this photograph bids a gentle farewell to summer. I’d also like to say a sweet “See you later,” as this will be my last post for the foreseeable future. You can still find me at Instagram and Twitter and @latimesphotos. Please tag me with your awesome photos and perhaps we’ll be able to connect again.

xoxo, Kathy M.Y. Pyon / Photo editor, Los Angeles Times