Teachers investigation

Teachers investigation
Over seven years, John Smith's fifth-graders have started out slightly ahead of those just down the hall but by year's end have been far behind. (Irfan Khan, Los Angeles Times)
Who's teaching L.A.'s kids?

A "value added" analysis based on students' standardized test scores over several years rates teachers' success or lack of it. The public will have access to the information -- something experts call a first.

L.A.'s leaders in learning

A Los Angeles Times analysis finds that L.A. Unified School District campuses with high API scores don't always do well at helping students improve their standardized test scores over time. At some, including in affluent areas, the students fall behind.

No gold stars for excellent L.A. teaching

Teachers union challenges L.A. Unified's new evaluation process

United Teachers Los Angeles filed a legal challenge alleging LAUSD did not 'engage in good faith negotiation' in coming up with a new teacher evaluation system that includes use of student test scores. The new system is being tested on a volunteer basis.

Times updates and expands value-added ratings for Los Angeles elementary school teachers

New data include ratings for about 11,500 teachers, nearly double the number whose ratings were released last August. School and civic leaders had sought to halt release of the data.

L.A. Unified releases school ratings using 'value-added' method

The approach focuses on how much progress students make year to year rather than measuring solely their achievement level. Parents are likely to be surprised.

Singled-out L.A. Unified teacher shares skills with colleagues

Miguel Aguilar was cited as among L.A. Unified's most effective in a Los Angeles Times article on the 'value-added' evaluation method. Since then, many at his Pacoima school have adopted his methods. But budget cuts threaten his job.

'Value-added' teacher evaluations: L.A. Unified tackles a tough formula

Los Angeles school district leaders are poised to plunge ahead with their own confidential 'value-added' ratings this spring, saying the approach is far more objective and accurate than any other evaluation tool available, despite its complexity.

Fedde Academy in Hawaiian Gardens enacts ambitious change

Fedde International Studies Academy in Hawaiian Gardens has embarked on an ambitious turnaround program that has embraced some of the most controversial measures in education today.

In Florida, teacher pay now tied to performance

Florida's teachers will now be evaluated by a system that relies heavily on student test scores. New teachers will be subject to a performance-based pay system. State and national unions object.

Separate study confirms many Los Angeles Times findings on teacher effectiveness

A University of Colorado review of Los Angeles Unified teacher effectiveness also results in some discrepancies with Times 'value-added' analysis

N.Y. can release data on teachers

Study critical of teacher layoffs

In reforming schools, quality of teaching often overlooked

Years-long efforts to improve Markham Middle School in Watts included changing the curriculum, reducing class sizes and requiring uniforms. But real progress occurred when more effective teachers were brought in.

UTLA won't accept pay cuts, 'value-added'

N.Y. union seeks to curb teacher data

D.C. schools may hold lesson for L.A.

When layoffs come to L.A. schools, performance doesn't count

After the budget ax fell, hundreds of the district's most promising new instructors were laid off. Campuses in poorer areas — such as Liechty Middle School in the Westlake neighborhood — were disproportionately hurt.

Teachers unions' clout in question