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THE DRUCKER MBA: A people-focused and purpose-driven degree that transforms students and prepares them to impact the world. We proudly continue the legacy of Peter F. Drucker, embracing four core principles to support student success. With the Drucker MBA, students are enriched by purpose-driven leadership (introspection), humancentered management (how we lead others), and flexibility (complement versus conflict with your life) through transdisciplinary opportunities (innovation flourishes in diversity of thought). No matter the pathway, the Drucker MBA can be completed fully in-person, online, or a hybrid of both.


FLEX MBA: Designed for full-time working professionals with a minimum of six years of professional post-collegiate work experience, the Flex MBA curriculum builds on strong existing experience, allowing students to customize up to half of their program to meet specific career development goals. Half of the 48 units are electives. Students may slow down or accelerate their pace of study, better facilitating work-life balance throughout the program. Classroom sizes in-person or online are small, designed intentionally for interaction and engagement.

FULL-TIME MBA: The MBA program features customizable elective options, 12 of the 48 units, in addition to a strong core section of courses for emerging leaders right out of college as well as those with up to five years of experience looking to jumpstart their careers. Whether online or in-person, students forge tight bonds with their cohort, leverage strong alumni and career support connections, and thrive in small classrooms taught by our esteemed faculty. Students enjoy access to the entire Claremont system, serving in campus leadership roles and networking with graduate students across multiple disciplines.

PART-TIME MBA: This option allows students with less than five years of work experience to continue working up to 40 hours per week and take MBA classes part-time. Part-Time Drucker MBA students enjoy the same flexibility of in-person, hybrid, or online options with courses scheduled around traditional Monday through Friday work schedules. Co-curricular activities such as career development workshops, case competitions, and association meetings are scheduled with your needs in mind. Our students often experience career gains before they complete the program.

SOAR: The SOAR program supports exploration for seasoned leaders seeking change. Our nine-month in-person certificate program admits leaders from multiple disciplines and places a significant value on their professional lived experience, in contrast to traditional higher education. SOAR fellows study with thought-leading, research-savvy professors and concentrate on their individual growth and personal development.

We also offer specialized degrees in arts management, finance, and leadership, as well as dozens of dual-degree options with programs across the university. With a dual degree, you can earn two degrees simultaneously and create an ideal educational path for your professional goals, such as an MBA paired with a Master’s in Public Health or an M.S. in Information Systems and Technology. Nearly half of all current MBA students are seeking a second degree.

NAME OF INSTITUTION: Claremont Graduate University

NAME OF BUSINESS SCHOOL OR PROGRAM: Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management




TOTAL MBA ENROLLMENT: 226 total with 136 MBAs and 90 specialized masters

MBA PLATFORMS OFFERED: Flex MBA, MBA, MA in Arts Management, MS in Finance, MA in Leadership, and MA in Management

MBA AREAS OF EMPHASIS OFFERED: Entrepreneurship, Finance, HR Management, IT Management, Leadership, Marketing, Strategy, and Supply Chain

MBAs: 21-36 months
Specialized Masters: 9-16 months
SOAR: 9 months

PROGRAM CAMPUS OPTIONS: Claremont and/or online


*Excluding MA in Arts Management and SOAR

TOTAL COST OF MBA: Costs vary due to length of program; over 80% of applicants receive some CGU fellowship support

REQUIRED TESTING: GMAT/GRE required* for MBA and MS in Finance

*GMAT/GRE waivers issued based on admissions criteria

No GMAT/GRE requirement for SOAR, Flex MBA, MA in Arts Management, MA in Leadership, and MA in Management

UPCOMING INFORMATION SESSIONS: Contact Holly Golcher to join an upcoming virtual or in-person Drucker event.

Flex MBA:
• Summer Mod 1: May 1st
• Summer Mod 2: June 1st
• Fall Mod 1: August 15th
• Fall Mod 2: October 1st

MBA (FT or PT), MA in Management, MA in Leadership, PhD in Management:
• Summer: May 1st
• Fall Round 3: April 1st
• Fall Round 4: June 1st
• Fall Final Deadline: August 15th

MS in Finance and MA in Arts Management:
• Fall Round 3: April 1st
• Fall Round 4: June 1st
• Fall Final Deadline: August 15th

PROGRAM CONTACT INFORMATION: Holly Golcher, Associate Director of Admissions, 909-607-7151