Menendez trial
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Menendez trial

Erik Menendez, left, with attorney Leslie Abramson during the first day of his and his brother’s murder trial. (Los Angeles Times)
Erik Menendez, testifying in his murder retrial, says the shootings of his parents “were a rush.” (Lee Celano / Associated Press)
Lyle Menendez looks away during the presentation of autopsy photos during the Menendez brothers’ murder trial. (Los Angeles Times)
Dwight Van Horn, Los Angeles County sheriff’s fire arms examiner, demonstrates how to load and shoot a shotgun during the second murder trial for brothers Lyle and Erik Menendez. (Michael Owen Baker / Associated Press)
Defense attorney Leslie Abramson shows blood and gunshot wounds on the shirt belonging to Jose Menendez during the trial. (Gus Ruelas / Associated Press)
Lyle Menendez looks on as his former girlfriend, Jamie Pisarcik, testifies for the prosecution. (Gus Ruelas / Associated Press)
Defense attorney Barry Levin watches as Erik Menendez looks at negatives of photos taken by his father, including those of Erik’s 6th birthday party and nude photos of the boy. (Reed Saxon / Associated Press)
Erik, left, and Lyle Menendez with Barbara Walters during an interview after the brothers were convicted of murdering their wealthy parents following a second trial. (ABC News)
Anna Eriksson sits in a Los Angeles courtroom as she waits for a judge to make a decision on whether she can marry Lyle Menendez. (Los Angeles Times)