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A flash of anger from Pope Francis as he is jostled by enthusiastic crowds

Los Angeles Times

For a pope known for enjoying affectionate gestures from his flock, it was a familiar scene Tuesday afternoon in Morelia as he waded through a throng of youngsters, touching hands, kissing children and exchanging greetings.  

But some people apparently took it too far, and the pope didn’t like it.

As he reached down to kiss a disabled girl, several people jostled the pope while trying — too aggressively, apparently — to touch his robe. Moments later, someone else appeared to try and pull him into the crowd.

The pope was knocked off balance, and security guards had to help him straighten up. 


Perhaps it was the accumulated stress and travel of a long trip, but the pope finally seemed to have had enough, flashing an angry look and raising his voice in a moment captured on video.

Eso no se hace!” — “You don’t do that!” the pope said, according to the Associated Press.

According to another account by a Mexican media outlet, the pope said,  “No seas egoista. No seas egoista” — “Don’t be selfish. Don’t be selfish.”

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