Letters: Tim Donnelly’s disgusting words on immigration

In April 2005, Minuteman volunteer Tim Donnelly speaks to journalists after spending the night monitoring the U.S.-Mexico border near Douglas, Ariz.
(Nicholas Roberts, AFP/Getty Images)

Re “Donnelly’s voice from past,” April 8

I am appalled at GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly’s comments in 2006 that illegal immigration is an insurgency and should be rooted out. These comments seem to be a product of ignorance, stupidity and racism.

Ignorance, because he apparently does not know that this country was founded and built by immigrants. Many successful businesses here have been started by immigrants.


Stupidity, because Donnelly must not realize that immigrants have always been among the hardest-working members of our society.

Racism, because I haven’t heard about Donnelly protesting against immigrants from Northern Europe. Does he stand at the airport and object when those people get off the plane?

In my view, Donnelly has disqualified himself from public office. I have more respect for Jeb Bush, who called illegal immigration “an act of love.”

Roger Angle

Culver City

There are numerous videos on Donnelly’s website that give an idea of what he and others have been saying in the last two years or so. Instead, The Times found something from 2006 and raked Donnelly over the coals.

Eight years ago, fears about border security were prominent in the minds of Southern California residents. The Times has to be careful about relevance.

People might be interested to know that attendees of the state GOP convention last month gave Donnelly roaring cheers, a reception Republican rival Neel Kashkari did not get.

Kashkari may have money, but he does not have popular support. You need to find out why that is.

Andrea Anderson

Los Angeles

The Times has published a very important and enlightening article detailing the political history of Tim Donnelly, the leading Republican candidate for governor.

By using his own words when he was a leader in the Minuteman border patrol group, the article exposes Donnelly as a man of hatred and violence.

His call to his followers to be like Jim Bowie, who “took a dozen Mexican soldiers to their death before going down” at the Alamo, exposes Donnelly for what he is.

I am amazed that this guy ever got endorsed by the California Republican Assembly.

Ralph S. Brax



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