Microsoft mood bra: Embedded sensors may keep you from pigging out

A bra that helps stop you from pigging out when you’re an emotional mess. An uplifting experience? That’s what Microsoft is going for with its prototype “smart bra.”

A team of researchers at Microsoft developed the smart bra that comes embedded with sensors, similar to that of an EKG, that monitor a woman’s heart rate to track her mood throughout the day.

The aim in developing the smart bra is to track the wearer’s emotional state throughout the day to help tackle emotional eating.


The data are provided to the wearer via a smartphone app and warn when emotional eating is likely to occur, according to BBC.

According to Microsoft’s own report, 87.5% of bra-wearing participants reported that they became more aware of their emotions while using the app.

However, being aware of their emotions did not lead many of the participants to change their eating habits. Only 37.5% of participants reported that their eating behaviors changed.

Microsoft’s research team did attempt to develop similar wearable underwear technology for men, but the sensors proved to be too far from the heart to take an accurate measurement.