By the numbers: Grim toll of Aurora theater shooting rampage


After nearly three years of legal maneuvering, the trial of James E. Holmes is scheduled to begin Monday.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the July 20, 2012, rampage at a movie theater in the Denver suburb of Aurora.

Grim, somber and painful, the proceedings are expected to last all summer, rack up millions of dollars in court costs and remind Coloradans of a terrible chapter in state history.


Casualties in the rampage. Holmes is charged with killing 12 moviegoers and injuring 70 others, making the crime the largest mass shooting on American soil.


Age of the youngest person to die. Veronica Moser-Sullivan had just completed kindergarten.


Age of Gordon W. Cowden, the oldest person to die in the attack.


Criminal counts Holmes faces. This includes 24 counts of first-degree murder, two for each of the dozen victims.


Summonses sent out to prospective jurors. This is believed to be a record number of jury requests for an American trial.


Eligible jurors in the region. The net was cast so wide that nearly 1 in 50 residents could have received notices.


Pages of questions asked of prospective jurors. Queries included whether the prospects watch court or police reality shows and what kind of bumper stickers they have on their cars.


Days between the attack and the opening statements in the trial.


People currently on Colorado's death row. The penalty is rarely used in the Centennial State. If Holmes is found guilty, he could be put to death.


Trial of Colorado theater gunman James Holmes: Opening statements Monday

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