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Opinion: Take away the name and what is Obamacare but a checklist of GOP values?

Healthcare by any name
Four-year-old Cameron Pack, of Cool Ridge, W. Va., gets that “aaaah” treatment from Dr. James H. Blume. The Affordable Care Act, enacted eight years after this picture was taken, lets more families into the healthcare insurance market.
(Jon C. Hancock/Associated Press)

A suggested bit of homework for the new GOP Congress:

Reread “Romeo and Juliet.”

Not for the lovey-dovey bits – a GOP-Dem mutual suicide pact is probably a likelier scenario – but there’s one line the Republicans should keep in mind before trying to pull down Obamacare as if it were a Saddam Hussein statue:

Juliet: “’Tis but thy name that is my enemy.”


Take away the name and what is Obamacare, but a checklist of solid GOP values?

For the sake of argument, let’s call it, Barry-care, for Barry Goldwater, and see how it sounds.

Barrycare means expecting people to look after themselves and their own health so the government doesn’t have to.

Barrycare means millions of Americans buying private healthcare policies from private insurance from private insurance companies. Capitalism!


Barrycare delivers personal freedom -- freedom from being trapped in a dead-end job just to get you and your kids onto a group insurance policy, possibly at some dreary company where there might be labor unions or collective bargaining.

Instead, thanks to Barrycare, you can shatter those chains and quit to start your own small business, the backbone of ‘Merica. Because even if your child does have asthma or you have a trick knee, now you can afford your own personal health insurance policy, regardless of those preexisting conditions.

It’s looking better already, isn’t it, 114th Congress?

You’ll be running both houses next year, Republicans. So don’t go to all the bother of trying to repeal the law whose name alone is your enemy – just rebrand it and take your bows.

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