Got a good parking space? You could sell it with the MonkeyParking app
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Ted Rall cartoons

Got a good parking space? You could sell it with the MonkeyParking app
Today’s LAPD ‘eyes in the sky’ are helicopters; will tomorrow’s be drones?
Hey, immigrants!
The government reserves the right of life or death over its citizens. But if one of them want to choose death, even when she is desperately ill and in pain, the government says it’s illegal.
L.A.'s seriously low voter turnout
A California legislator is pushing a bill the would require police to get a warrant before searching smartphones or tablets
Cartoonist Ted Rall reacts to Charlie Hebdo attack
A cartoonist shouldn’t have to look over his shoulder while doing his work. (Ted Rall / For The Times)
Dianne Feinstein: human time capsule
Waiting for the NFL
California’s bullet train begins construction!
New Year’s resolutions for Angelenos
L.A.'s trash problem
What to do about all the trash and packaging that ends up on L.A.'s streets during the holidays. (Ted Rall / For The Times)
High-speed rail
Plans to link California’s high-speed rail to L.A.'s rail system is, uh, complicated. (Ted Rall / For The Times)
After digital billboards, what comes next?
Is this the last chance for California to revise Proposition 13?
UC tuition hikes
University of California regents have awarded top administrators huge raises while raising tuition. But don’t worry. If you’re a student, you can just borrow more money. (Ted Rall / For The Times)
Gearing up for 2018
No-fly zones
The FAA has classified Disneyland and Disney World as no-fly zones. Six Flags, on the other hand, receives no such protection. (Ted Rall / For The Times)
How people afford to live in L.A.
‘Yes means yes': Affirmative consent or sex contract?
Jerry Brown’s future
If the NFL returns to Los Angeles...
A cynical take: How California’s economy can profit from the drought
Gov. Jerry Brown wants you to vote
Military hardware
California’s crime rate is falling - but its police agencies have one of the highest concentrations of surplus military hardware in the nation. (Ted Rall / For The Times)
Top Republicans like Orrin Hatch and Rand Paul are fundraising in Silicon Valley.
1 out of 6 California construction workers is either off the books or misreported as an “independent contractor.”
A strange-bedfellows alliance of tenants and landlords could get amnesty for their illegal bootleg apartments, making them legal as long as they meet safety codes.
LAUSD’s Supt. John Deasy got a little too cozy with Apple execs
Messing up my metrics
Under pressure to meet statistical goals for lower crime in the city, current and retired officers say the LAPD had routinely downgraded crimes to less serious offenses. (Ted Rall / For The Times)
Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari spent a week living on streets as a homeless person ...
Mayor Eric Garcetti’s “Great Streets” plan could just mean high-priced coffee and other ills of gentrification...
On support for splitting California into six states ...
On the rise of marijuana delivery services ...
After Proposition D forced many marijuana dispensaries to close, some pot businesses because pot delivery services to bring weed to your door. (Ted Rall / For The Times)
On protesters in Murrieta blocking government buses carrying undocumented women and children ...
On MTA’s “people mover” plan ...
On the California Supreme Court ruling that big box stores in the state don’t have to keep automated external defibrillators ...
A psychiatric ward on San Quentin’s death row
On Calif. Senate proposal of new ‘Standards of Conduct’ after scandals ...
On how to deal with California’s broke courts ...
Monster mansions make a comeback
On how immigrants seeking protective asylum often spend months in detention waiting to hear back about their cases.
On Silicon Valley billionaire Tim Draper wanting to split California into six states...
Cartoon: Venture capitalist Tim Draper wants to divvy up California into six states. But if smaller is better, why not even more, even smaller states instead? (Ted Rall / For The Times)
On Obama’s Promise Zone in L.A. missing part of disadvantaged South Los Angeles ...
Cartoon about Obama’s Promise Zone in L.A. missing part of disadvantaged South Los Angeles. (Ted Rall / For The Times)
On Leland Yee’s corruption charges making other legislators feel like slackers...
On tricks California Republicans can use to win campaigns
On Gov. Jerry Brown diverting hundreds of millions of dollars paid by big banks in a mortgage settlement.
Early releases for inmates
On the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department considering the use of predictive algorithmic analysis to decide which jail inmates should qualify for early release ...  (Ted Rall / For the Los Angeles Times)
On Gov. Brown’s concern that legalizing pot could lead to Californians falling behind in the economic sphere and becoming vulnerable to terrorism ...
On splitting California into six competitive states ...
Ankle monitors are setting off too many false alarms.
The Los Angeles Fire Department plans to simplify the 911 script to eliminate extraneous questions before dispatching vehicles to an emergency.
Teacher tenure
Teacher tenure is under attack in California. But how are we going to attract new teachers? Salaries are low, conditions are difficult, the work is exhausting. (Ted Rall / For The Times)
The Assembly appears to have struck a deal in which Californians would pay at least a dime for each recycled paper or reusable plastic bag they get at the grocery store.
If a drought happens, is it real before a governor says so?
Gov. Jerry Brown needs $68 billion for his high-speed train from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Where can the governor find the cash?
L.A. City Atty. Mike Feuer says he plans to crack down on “patient dumping”
Grocery shopping without plastic bags
On Jan. 1, Los Angeles became the nation’s largest city to ban plastic bags. (Ted Rall / For The Times )
Gift ideas for California politicians
Democrats are evidently just fine with California. Republicans? Not so much.
Hate California? Love California? You’re a Republican; you’re a Democrat.
Keeping track of the good vs. bad guys in L.A. County’s jails
Quake-proofing L.A. won’t happen overnight
The Bell corruption scandal
For a small-time administrator of a hardscrabble town, Bell’s former assistant city manager, Angela Spaccia, made a killing, her annual income maxing out at $564,000. (Ted Rall / For The Times)
Gov. Jerry Brown, California’s longest-serving governor
Help these porn actors
Are big weapons really necessary?
Don’t shoot!
Don’t scare the cops with your costume.
Pennywise, pound foolish on quake fault line mapping
Santa Monica’s exercise-free zone
Should it really take a village?
No child left alone
What happens in the Cal-bunker stays in the Cal-bunker.
Will driver’s licenses end up hurting undocumented immigrants?
Now that inmates have State Assembly’s attention, will prison conditions improve?
L.A. to replace parking pay stations with meters drivers can understand
The race for San Diego mayor: Affection candidates need not apply
California incompetent on food stamps
‘The Metro ran and ran, but it could never actually arrive at the airport’
Regulating signs in Monterey Park
Hunger strike
The hunger strike won’t work if society doesn’t care about its prisoners.  (Ted Rall / For The Times)
Missing in action
Janet Napolitano to lead UC
L.A.'s new City Council members court Council President Herb Wesson.
Chalk graffiti protester
San Diego graffiti protester who wrote anti-bank messages in chalk on the sidewalk outside branches of Bank of America was acquitted this week. (Ted Rall / For The Times)
Gov. Jerry Brown vs. federal judges, again
Mayor Villaraigosa: One final bash
The transition from Antonio Villaraigosa to Eric Garcetti
L.A.'s political apathy
On California’s anti-"swatting” bill
Gov. Brown’s prison plan to ease overcrowding
Adapting to non-citizen jurors
The effects of ‘sequestration’ on LAX airport.
University of California now hiring
How to address student loan debt: Avoid it?
The farmers’ case?
Gov. Brown’s budget proposal
Will the mayoral race come down to this voter?
GPS tracking devices gone awry
Up in smoke?
The state still needs to buy land for its high-speed rail project
Redistricting leaves millions of Californians without a senator until 2014.
Alternative proposals: How Gov. Brown can pay off all of California’s debt
Proposition 8 passes
Luring California businesses to Arizona
California’s struggling GOP
New political phrases for Californians
Undermining Prop. 30, but why?
Pain at the pump
Gov. Brown’s tax increase initiative
LAPD is hosting community meetings for officers.
Gov. Brown’s proposition
LAPD budget cuts
A futuristic ride to nowhere
The future of L.A.'s school system?
Our parks and farms, in trouble
Facebook’s impact on the state
Gov. Brown vs. our ‘girly men’ lawmakers
How to tell if your teacher is a leftist
How to tell if your teacher is a leftist (Ted Rall / For The Times)
Jobs: This is what passes for a recovery?
Next train to LAX: 2,325,002 minutes
Where will lion hunter Daniel Richards go next?
Where will lion hunter Daniel Richards go next? (Ted Rall / For The Times)
How L.A. can become the country’s most corrupt region
The Kobe and Vanessa Bryant approach to relationships
Pension spiking: Turning sick days into retirement pay
To ease overcrowding in L.A. jails, send inmates to ‘Guantanamoon’
The energy industry’s disturbing influence on politics
Ways to prevent LAPD from crashing their cruisers
For jobs, look to Sacramento
California’s ‘budgetmageddon’
Condom rule: First step in porn master plan?
The trouble with suing Occupy L.A. protesters for $2.35 million
Tuba theft threat level
$1.2-million golden parachute
Solving life’s problems with pepper spray
This is what a whiny police state looks like
Taxpayer money: No longer on senators’ lunch menu
Opportunities await Lindsay Lohan ... in jail
Occupy L.A.: Hippies vs. veggies
Occupy L.A. embraced by local pols
Foodies mourn California’s ban on shark fin soup
California inmates: Starving for attention
Economic impact of WeHo’s fur ban: Pshaw!
Failing students one budget cut at a time
Child-care workers, the union way
Comparing taxes to STDs
Tunneling to Mexico
Unemployment and California’s new normal
L.A.'s new parking meter plan
Jerry Brown’s foster prison program
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