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17 things that shouldn’t be green -- but are! -- on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day brings out the green in all honorary Irishman (and Irishwomen).

And some people take that pretty seriously.

In Chicago, for example, more than 40 pounds of eco-friendly food dye is dumped into the river until it’s the perfect shade of emerald green each St. Patrick’s Day.

PHOTOS: 17 things that shouldn’t be green -- but are! -- on St. Patrick’s Day


And the fountain in front of the White House has been known to flow green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

And try going into a pub on St. Patrick’s Day and not finding green beer!

But there’s plenty more St. Patrick’s Day folly where that came from.

We combed through our archives and Flickr for some of our favorite wearing of the green.


We’ve got a green zombie -- see above -- a green wedding cake, a green manicure, green chocolate chip cookies... You get the idea.

We even found a Maltese named Howie who is letting his fur do the talking. (This one, however, we cannot condone. Many experts say dying your pet’s fur is just a bad idea. At the very least, please, talk to your vet before doing something similar with your own pooch.) 

Did we miss your favorite way to green it up on St. Patrick’s Day? Tweet me a picture @ReneLynch and maybe we’ll include it.


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