What the [bleep]! Ala. tow company fines motorists $150 for cussing

What would you do if you returned to your car only to find it being towed away? If you’re like the rest of us, you’d cuss up a blue streak and you might even try to stop the tow truck driver from making off with your car.

Well, an Alabama tow truck company has begun tacking on a $150 fine for motorists who cuss up a storm and verbally abuse and threaten its employees.

A Huntsville, Ala., woman says she was on the receiving end of just such a fine when she recently parked in a spot that she says she did not know was illegal. “I take full responsibility for that,” the motorist, Mahogony Grandison, says. She also says she was fully prepared to pony up the $200 to retrieve her vehicle from the impound lot, only to find that the bill came to $350.


Why the extra $150 bucks? The hand-written entry on the bill from Affordable Towing indicates it is for “foul language.”

Check out this video and story from local TV station WHNT: In it, the tow company owner, Daniel Bradford, said Grandison’s language and behavior crossed a line. “She was threatening, cussing, saying she was going to do this and do that,” he said. He explained the fine this way: “Well, with all the harassment we had, we had to do something.”

Adding another wrinkle to the story: Grandison told WHNT that she was not the person who called the tow truck company and cussed them out.

As for Bradford, he told WHNT that he might be willing to give Grandison a partial refund. If she apologizes.

We called the tow truck company but the woman who answered the phone said she was “not at liberty” to discuss the incident and referred us to Bradford, who was not available and did not return our phone call by the time this story posted. If that changes, we will update this post to include his version of events.

What do you think? Should tow truck companies tack on an extra fine for motorists who cuss them out and threaten them?


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