Bao Bao is her name: National Zoo panda cub adorable at 100 days


Bao Bao is the name that’s been chosen for the female giant panda cub at Washington’s National Zoo, following a tally of 123,039 votes. In case you missed it, the name was announced Sunday, giving us all another opportunity to look at pictures of panda cubs.

Do it. You’ll feel as warm and fuzzy as Bao Bao.

The other choices for names? Ling Hua, Long Yun, Mulan and Zhen Bao. The cub, whose name is pronounced “bough bough,” now weighs about 11 1/2 pounds and is roly-poly.

But she didn’t start out so cute. Panda cubs are notoriously unattractive when born -- pale and hairless and shaking. The baby was born Aug. 23 and then weighed about 4 1/2 ounces, with a face only giant panda mom Mei Xiang could love. See below.


What’s next for the cub? If all goes well, she’s to be on display to the public next month, according to the zoo.

When Bao Bao is 4 years old, she’ll be returned to China, just as her brother was before her. Mei Xiang and dad Tian Tian had Tai Shan in 2005. He is now at the Bifengxia panda reserve in Sichuan province.

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