Weird, awesome Christmas decorations from around the world

One of the best parts of Christmas? The decorations! (Bonus point, however, if you said eggnog spiked with Jack Daniels.)

This time of the year, the Los Angeles Times photo database is brimming with images from around the globe of the many weird, wonderful and wacky ways in which the world celebrates this holiday season.

What could possibly be “weird” about a Christmas decoration? How about a Nativity scene at the sandy bottom of an aquarium tank in Madrid: The three wise men bring gifts to the baby Jesus while a shark circles ominously. Weird and awesome!

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Or how about a blow-up Santa-esque doll in China that imitates Marilyn Monroe’s famous up-skirt pose? (Something might be lost in translation on that one.)

But mostly, the images collected above underscore the globe’s brilliant diversity, as well as our collected desire to string up lights on every available surface! (Like a 40-foot-tall cowboy boot in Austin. Seriously.)


In the U.S., we seem to be partial to what we consider traditional Christmas colors, such as green and red and blue and white. But in other places -- such as South Korea and Tokyo -- you’ll see that pink and purple are also hot holiday colors, as well as rich amber yellow. Gorgeous!

Admittedly, this photo gallery is an unscientific survey of the way the world celebrates Christmas. But we are pretty sure you will agree that Vienna is the front-runner in the chic-and-sophisticated category. Click and see for yourself.

We will continue to update this photo gallery through the end of the year with images that capture the spirit of the season in fantastic fashion, so keep checking back. Do you have something special to add to this gallery? Use the hashtag #LATHoliday on Instagram or Twitter and your photo may appear in our holiday gallery.

And one more tip: This photo gallery is best enjoyed with some Jack Daniels-spiked eggnog.

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