Watch: Idina Menzel sings ‘Let It Go,’ with Jimmy Fallon on ... blocks

Idina Menzel, the mysterious “Adele Dazeem” of Oscar fame, performed “Let It Go” with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots on Monday night. And it’s arguably a more outstanding performance than on Sunday’s Oscar telecast.

Tony-winner Menzel, whose name was mangled by presenter John Travolta, sings her heart out along with Fallon, who chimes in charmingly on the high notes. Luckily, that doesn’t ruin it.

The talk-show host appears to be playing children’s blocks. The Roots are on other instruments straight from the toy box. There’s even a kazoo. And the whole group rocks out. It’s infectious!

Check out the video above. Nicely done, Adele.


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