Obamas’ dog knocks over a 2-year-old at the White House

A 2-year-old who was checking out the White House’s Christmas decorations on Wednesday was bowled over by the greeting she got.

No, seriously, she fell down.

But it’s OK -- her short stature didn’t allow her to tumble far, and the whole ordeal ended with a hug from First Lady Michelle Obama.

Ashtyn Gardner of Mobile, Ala., was in the White House’s State Dining Room as part of a group of military families who got a first look at the mansion’s decked halls. When Michelle Obama brought in the first family’s dog Sunny on a leash, the pup could scarcely contain herself and jumped up to greet little Ashtyn.


That’s when the tot “lost her balance,” according to the Associated Press. You can see the whole thing as it went down in the gallery above.

The Obamas’ first dog, Bo, was also in the dining room and witnessed the whole thing. He, however, was apparently better behaved than his younger sister. He’ll probably never let Sunny forget it.

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