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Rob Ford makes stunningly crude remark, is sorry, prepares for TV show

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford made a jaw-dropping, lewd comment today, offered a fresh apology, and now we find out he has a new TV show coming.

The whirlwind of drama around Toronto’s mayor has hardly abated since his Nov. 5 admission of having smoked crack cocaine. On Wednesday, accusations from police interviews revealed claims that Ford chugged vodka and drove drunk, associated with prostitutes, snorted cocaine, offered jobs to women he smoked pot with, and more.

Colleagues have been pushing for him to take leave, which he has refused to do.

And after apologizing profusely for his admitted crack cocaine use, the mayor now seems fed up. He has reportedly denied the new allegations, threatening to sue former staffers. He said his anger over the situation was why he made a stunningly crude remark on live TV on Thursday in which he denied pursuing oral sex with a former staffer. The remark included a reference to his wife. 


With her by his side, looking agonized, he later apologized.

Amid the uproar, Sun News Network announced that Rob Ford and his brother Doug, who is on the Toronto City Council, will have a new TV show: Sun News Network “has landed the hottest man on the airwaves. If you have loved or even hated the “Ford Show” so far, stayed tuned, because there’s more to come.”

What next, Mr. Mayor?

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