Zach Braff: Wedding picture was one of my ‘best photobombs ever’

Zach Braff photobombs a couple's wedding photo.
Zach Braff photobombs a couple’s wedding photo.

It’s the photo every girl dreams of: the beautiful white dress, the handsome husband — and Zach Braff.

OK, so a bride who got some wedding photos taken in New York City probably didn’t dream about that last part, but now she definitely has a wedding photo to remember after the actor photo-bombed her and her husband on 42nd Street.

As the photographer Sascha Reinking tells it, he was taking pictures of Verena and Michael, a couple from Germany who had already gotten married but wanted to take wedding photos while on vacation in New York, on the first weekend of November.

“Like most of my couples they asked me for one of my ‘famous’ street shots and so I put them right on 42nd street with Times Square in the background,” Reinking wrote on his blog. “Little did we know that we were about to get photobombed by no other than Zach Braff.”


It wasn’t until Thursday night that Reinking knew what he had.

“So last night I was sitting down and looking through the images for the first time, and that’s when I saw it,” Reinking told the Los Angeles Times.

Unsure at first if it was in fact the actor, he posted the photo to Facebook.

Post by Sascha Reinking Photography.

He also tweeted Braff, who then tweeted the image himself: “This is one of my best photobombs ever.” And the rest is Internet history.

“It has been a crazy 12 hours,” Reinking said Friday of the photo going viral.

“I had no idea that this would happen. Obviously people don’t usually know these things.”


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