Bo the White House dog gets his own Easter egg

That Bo is one lucky dog: He’s going into the record books as the first White House pet to have his very own commemorative Easter egg.

Look closely at the White House’s 2012 set of collector’s Easter eggs, above. You can make out the black-and-white Portuguese water dog’s image -- the red one, center -- alongside the Easter bunny emblems that decorate the rest of the eggs in the souvenir set.

The wooden Easter eggs are sold through the National Park Foundation, which raises money to preserve and maintain America’s open spaces.

Sales figures were not immediately available, but the public’s reaction to the Bo Easter egg has been described as “enthusiastic.”

Unfortunately, you can’t buy simply the Bo egg (we tried). The Bo egg is available only when you buy the entire set, seen above, which costs $29.50. Any of the other Easter eggs in the set, however, can be bought for $7.50 apiece.

The first family will host the 134th annual White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday. This year’s theme will be “Let’s Go, Let’s Play, Let’s Move” in keeping with First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to encourage U.S. children to get active. More than 35,000 people chosen by lottery are expected to gather on the South Lawn for the festivities.

It isn’t clear whether the first dog will be in attendance for the event. But here’s a video featuring the canine-in-chief wearing bunny ears:


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