Toll from Oklahoma tornadoes rises to six dead, 29 injured

The toll from the slashing tornadoes that tore through the Midwest over the weekend rose to six dead and 29 injured, officials said Monday.

Cleanup efforts were already underway. The hardest-hit area was in Woodward, Okla., a city of about 12,000, where a sheriff’s office spokeswoman said the toll stood at six dead. The latest fatality was a man who died in a Texas hospital where he was being treated for injuries sustained in Woodward.

The Woodward storm was one of dozens of tornadoes attributed to a system that rolled through 10 states over the weekend. The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center received 10 reports of tornadoes Sunday -- and 122 reports of tornadoes Saturday.

By Monday morning, the weather service had lifted the last of the tornado watches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Iowa and Illinois after the storm seemed to weaken and more tornadoes failed to materialize. Strong thunderstorms, however, continued to be a threat.


In Oklahoma, the storm struck after midnight Sunday. Among those killed were a family of three in a mobile home park. Two others died when their vehicle was rolled by strong winds.

There was no immediate estimate of the damage through the region.


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