Dolphin bites girl at SeaWorld; ‘We had to ask for a Band-Aid’

After an incident in which an 8-year-old girl was bitten by a dolphin, officials at SeaWorld in Orlando said they responded quickly to treat Jillian Thomas of Georgia.

“A member of our health services team ... quickly responded and treated the young girl,” read a statement from the Florida theme park.


Jillian’s parents weren’t quite so impressed with the park’s reaction. They told KTLA-TV Channel 5 that there were no warnings of possible infection, no manager was sent over, and “‘we had to ask for a Band-Aid,” said Jillian’s mom, Amy Thomas.

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The incident occurred Nov. 21 while the family was visiting the park. Jamie Thomas was videotaping his daughter feeding the dolphins.

Jillian held aloft the paper carton of fish -- which the park tells visitors not to do -- and the dolphin lunged to grab the carton, biting Jillian’s hand in the process.


Jamie Thomas subsequently posted the video on YouTube as a warning, he has said, to other parents visiting the park with their children. It has since been replayed -- gaining drama in slow motion -- on media around the nation.

Jillian’s trauma earned her a spot on “Good Morning, America” on Monday morning, where she said that getting bit by the dolphin “really, really hurt.”



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