Naked carjacker tale: Crash car, strip, steal car, crash car ...


Justice is blind, and that’s good, or she might be embarrassed by the case of a Phoenix-area man who stripped naked during a recent madcap skein in which he caused crashes that injured seven people in suburban Scottsdale, closing several roads and causing witnesses to cover their eyes.

On Thursday, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge set a cash-only bond of $100,000 for 45-year-old John Hugh Brigham on charges that he carjacked one car and attempted to steal another, injuring several victims, including a pregnant woman nearly at full term who suffered two broken legs.

A Scottsdale police officer took Brigham into custody at gunpoint in the June 29 incident. Evaluations later showed that Brigham had the drug PCP in his system during his rampage, police said. The drug, commonly known as angel dust, causes hallucinations and violent behavior.


“He looked like he was crazy. He definitely looked like a madman,” an eyewitness told Fox news.

Police allege that Brigham initially drove his car into a Porsche, sending the sportscar smashing into a third vehicle. The driver of the Porsche was thrown from his car and sustained serious injuries.

After the crash, Brigham ripped off all his clothes excect his socks and then jumped onto the roof of an SUV involved in the crash and began screaming and chanting, according to video of the incident.

After jumping down from the SUV, he then allegedly carjacked a blue Toyota Prius, tossing aside its female driver and driving off in the wrong direction down several stretches of road. Police said he hit three other cars before rolling the Prius several times, ending up in a ditch.

The naked carjacker was ejected head-first from the Prius during the crash, police said. He then popped up and began running around, allegedly looking for another car to highjack.

“He got out naked, running all over the place, trying to get into other people’s cars,” a woman in a pickup truck involved in the second crash told a Phoenix TV station.


Video then shows Brigham dropping to the ground as an officer approaches the scene with his gun drawn. Brigham is being held on suspicion of endangerment, theft, robbery, DUI, aggravated assault causing serious physical injury and other charges.


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