Colorado wildfire: Some wolves saved, others left at sanctuary

Wolves from the northern Colorado Wolf Sanctuary that were evacuated are shown on the center's Facebook page.
(Wolf Sanctuary / Facebook)

Amid the northern Colorado wildfire disaster, a more intimate drama is now playing out: Some wolves in a mountain rescue center and shelter were evacuated, while others were left behind.

Fans of Wolf Sanctuary have been waiting to hear the fate of those animals left to weather the wildfire.

“They were sheltered appropriately,” John Schulz, public information officer for the Larimer County sheriff’s department told The Times on Monday, “but that area’s totally closed off right now.”

As of Sunday, volunteers had removed 11 of the animals and were hoping the 19 left at the sanctuary would hide out in underground concrete bunkers called “fire dens,” according to the Associated Press.


The evacuated wolves were taken to kennels in Larimer County.

The sanctuary is on more than 180 acres in the Rocky Mountains, about 20 miles northwest of Fort Collins, Colo., according to the website.

“Many thoughts and prayers,” said one post on the center’s Facebook page, where people were expressing their concerns:

“So glad these guys made it ... heartbroken for the ones still there...”

“I’m glad that they are safe, I’m keeping the others in my thoughts.”

Wolf fans were keeping an eye on the updated burn map of the area. “I am hoping that the sanctuary was one that was skipped but according to the burn map it looks pretty grim,” wrote Wendy McGee on Facebook.

Attempts to contact those with the organization were unsuccessful Monday. Animal caretaker Michelle Proulx said in an email that “due to the fire and evacuation, we will be unable to respond to emails and phone calls.”



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