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Prostitute calls Secret Service agents ‘stupid brutes’ [Video]

<i>This post has been corrected, as indicated below.</i>

The woman at the heart of the scandal that has tarnished the image of the Secret Service worldwide called the agents she ran into “stupid brutes” in an interview with NBC’s “Today.”

Dania Londono Suarez, speaking through a translator, had nothing but contempt for the agents and their behavior in Cartagena, Colombia prior to President Obama’s arrival for the Summit of the Americas.

“They were full of themselves,” she said.

“I’m not to blame for being attractive,” she said after being asked if she has culpability for tempting the agents. “They’re to blame for leaving their duty behind.”


Suarez said she made it very clear that she was asking an agent for $800 from the start for her services, and the next morning, when she demanded her money, she was given just $50. After police became involved in the altercation between the two and other agents pooled together $250 to give to her, Suarez left.

“They seemed completely stupid. Idiots,” she said, later adding, “I don’t know how Obama had them in his security force.”

Suarez said that the three agents she and her friends were with were obviously familiar with the ins and outs of prostitution, and called them “very direct, I would say too direct,” in their propositions.

“They way they approached this, it seems obvious that they were used to doing it, because people who do this for the first time are very shy,” she said.


The agent who allegedly slept with Suarez has resigned and Suarez has yet to be interviewed by the U.S. after she left Colombia, according to a U.S. official familiar with the case who spoke with NBC.

Suarez has said that she will “never again” be a prostitute, while investigations into the scandal continue, with the Department of Homeland Security announcing last week that it will be launching its own investigation into the adequacy of the Secret Service’s internal response to the matter. Twelve Secret Service employees are currently under investigation for their alleged involvement in the partying in Colombia, and nine have already left or been forced out of the agency.

[For the record, 8:27 a.m. PDT May 7: An earlier version of this post quoted Dania Londono Suarez as saying of the Secret Service agents, “I don’t know how Obama had them in her security force.” Suarez actually said, “I don’t know how Obama had them in his security force.”]


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