Bristol Palin ridiculing Obama on gay marriage? Cue the backlash


Bristol Palin is learning Rule No. 1 of being a blogger: If you’re going to dish it out, you gotta be able to take it.

Palin is being blasted for ridiculing President Obama this week on her Patheos blog, and how he came to change his position on same-sex marriage in part by reflecting on the life experiences of his young daughters, Sasha and Malia, who have friends with same-sex parents.

The post headlined “Hail to the Chiefs -- Malia and Sasha Obama” doesn’t explicitly outline Palin’s position on same-sex marriage. But it says this: “we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview,” and not, Palin suggests, the other way around.

Cue the fury from readers who see hypocrisy in that statement coming from a never-wed single mother. It certainly doesn’t appear that Palin, who has been blogging for Patheos for about three months now, according to the archives, is doing much to moderate comments. In less than 24 hours since the post went live, she has more than 1,800 comments. And the vast majority -- but certainly not all -- go something like this:

--”You obviously don’t know anything about the sanctity marriage or choosing a partner in life to raise your child with, so when you impose your judgment upon our president’s brave decision, you’re really just embarrassing yourself.”

-- “If two parents are so much better, why didn’t you marry your childs father for the sake of having that second parent? Why are you a mother out of wedlock at all?”

--”Where is your baby’s father in this ideal home that children do better in? Oh, thats right, you had a teen pregnany with a loser and your baby doesn’t have him in his life.”

--”Maybe President Obama can lead his children like your mother and father lead you….. You know premarital sex, teenage mom and unwed mother…”

For her part, Palin (the daughter of former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin) has addressed this so-called “hipocrisy issue” in the past -- and done so rather effectively.

“I find it strange that the culture rightfully applauds former drug addicts who warn children of the dangers of drug use. They are happy to listen to former alcoholics talk about how they finally are living a clean life. But when it comes to me talking about waiting until marriage for sex, it’s almost like people want me to slink away in shame… unable to show my face in public again because of my past mistakes.”

Clearly, Palin has learned that controversy sells -- and keeps readers coming back for more. Whether you love Bristol Palin (and her mom) or hate her (and her mom) you have to give her this: She has a nice, direct writing style and seems to effortlessly pull together politics and pop culture. Who else manages to put Obama, Beyonce and the Bible in the same sentence?

Another interesting note about Palin’s blog: It’s not ALL about bashing the left and the mainstream media. In one recent post, she defended Hillary Clinton.


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