Gunman kills 3, then himself, in Florida hair salon


Four people were shot -- three fatally -- at a central Florida salon Thursday morning before the shooter turned the gun on himself, local Florida media reported.

A gunman walked into the Las Dominicanas M & M Salon in Casselberry about 11 a.m. and shot four women before walking away from the scene and going to a residence some miles away, where he shot himself, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Police have not identified the shooter or his victims.

Family members of the victims and shooter were at the scene Thursday morning.


A distraught woman, who identified herself as the shooter’s cousin, told television news crews her cousin has “been having problems. He’s mentally not there. We’ve been telling them, keep away from him.”

The man wanted to be romantically involved with one of the women at the salon and police said the incident may have been related to a domestic dispute, the Sentinel reported.

Juan Diaz, who worked at store in the strip mall where the shooting occurred, told the Sentinel he heard four shots before seeing the gunman walk away from the scene. Then Diaz and a customer went into the salon.

“And once we were in the hair salon we just saw a bunch of dead bodies,” Diaz told the Sentinel. “Four people shot. Three people dead. Not a good thing.”

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Heather Smith told the Sentinel that the alleged shooter went to a friend’s home and said he “had some problems” he couldn’t fix.


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