Suspect in homeowners association killing pleads not guilty

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A Kentucky doctor accused of shooting and killing one person and seriously injured another during a homeowners association meeting in Louisville pleaded not guilty Saturday.

Mahmoud Hindi awalked into the meeting at a local church late Thursday and stayed for a short while before he pulled out a gun and began shooting, police said.

Hindi tried to leave but was stopped by two people in the room, Louisville Metro Police Lt. Barry Wilkerson said at a news conference Friday, which was posted online by the Courier-Journal. Video of the arraignment was also posted online by the paper.


Wilkerson said the shooting appeared to be related to an conflict between Hindi and neighbors but added that it was too soon to know how much of a role the conflict played in the shooting.

According to the Courier-Journal, Hindi had a long-running argument with members of the Spring Creek Homeowners Assn. over a fence and a driveway he built.

At an arraignment Saturday in Jefferson County District Court, Hindi pleaded not guilty to murder, assault and other charges.

Arguing that Hindi’s bail should be lowered, his attorney said that Hindi was a longtime resident of the country and the father of seven children, including 14-year-old twins. The attorney also said that Hindi recently had back surgery.

The judge denied the request and Hindi was ordered held in lieu of $1 million bond.

According to the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, Hindi, who had practiced nuclear medicine, has been an “inactive physician” since 2008. Hindi’s medical license expired because he was struggling with physical injuries, his attorney said. Hindi graduated from medical school at the University of Jordan, Amman, in 1982.

In a note on the homeowners association’s website, Jason Autry, pastor at the church where the shooting took place said, “There are no words to express how deeply sorry we are for all those who have been affected.”


A prayer service was scheduled for Sunday morning.