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$3,800 in Dumpster: Would you give it up?

He really could have used that $3,800. But Joe Ellis is an honest man.

Saturday night, Ellis (video below) was searching a Dumpster in Tennessee for recycled cans to turn in for extra cash when he hit the mother lode: a plastic bag full of hundred-dollar bills.

He’s not against found money, mind you. He said he once found $15 and kept it. But nearly $4,000? He discovered that he couldn’t do it.


Ellis had been searching through the trash bin behind a Speedy Mart in Murfreesboro, Tenn., when he came across the money. He turned it into the convenience store workers, who were impressed by his honesty. 

Also impressed: the person who lost the money. Speedy Mart contacted police, who reportedly were able to locate the man on Monday. He had accidentally pitched the cash while cleaning out his car, Ellis said. 


The honest man got his reward: $400 and a clear conscience. Still, that’s $3,400 less than if he had been dishonest. 

What would you have done?


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