Man crashes Sundance Film Festival party -- on a camel

People pass the Egyptian Theatre on Main Street in Park City, Utah.
(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

Taking a page out of the public relations playbook that wacky publicity is better than no publicity at all, Jason Andreozzi took his act to the streets -- and landed himself a traffic ticket by Park City, Utah, police.

The director had failed to land a film he’d made in the competition at the annual Sundance Film Festival. He wasn’t invited to the film party -- so he decided to crash the gates anyway.

With a camel.

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Police cited Andreozzi for allegedly riding the camel and obstructing traffic while riding atop the hump-backed animal as attendees packed the streets of the picturesque Utah mountain town. The festival runs though Sunday.

Andreozzi told the Associated Press that he was merely promoting his movie. Police told him to hit the road, and gave him a warning about distributing fliers.


The director’s film looks at Egypt during the Arab Spring, and he says he chose a camel because people identify the animal with the country.

A woman in the Sundance public relations office told the Los Angeles Times that, frankly, she didn’t know what to say about the stunt.

“I don’t know how he would get a camel to northern Utah,” she said. “That’s the most interesting part about it.”


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