Thanksgiving Day turkey by the numbers

Happy Thanksgiving, turkey eaters.

In honor of the holiday, we're sharing an infographic with Thanksgiving trivia -- primarily, turkey-consumption tidbits that will make vegans squirm. 

The chart, from Statista, reveals the location of the turkey-raising capital of the United States as well as how much it costs this year to feed 10 people a Thanksgiving meal (less than last year).

You'll notice that over the last 35 years, Americans have doubled their consumption of turkey.

Vegans can take heart, however, in a graphic from Google that shows that interest in a vegan diet has grown steadily since 2005.  (Perhaps people just lose interest at Thanksgiving.)

If you've roasted your turkey already and are just figuring out the best way to carve it, L.A. Times' Food Editor Russ Parsons tells you exactly how to handle your bird.

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