New Jersey teen’s suit seeking tuition from parents is dismissed

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New Jersey teen Rachel Canning has dropped her lawsuit against her own parents, likely bringing an end to the unusual public firestorm that emerged from a family disagreement over house rules and tuition money.

Canning, 18, appeared with her parents in court in Morristown on Tuesday morning and told a judge she didn’t want the lawsuit to go on, and the judge approved, the Daily Record of Parsippany reported.

Canning’s story had become a cautionary tale for parents and teens alike across the U.S. The high school senior and her parents had fought over her dating life, keeping curfew and doing chores -- relatively common stuff, as far as parental battles go.


But after Canning moved out and moved in with a friend, she sued her parents, claiming she’d been kicked out and that her parents had cut her off financially while she was still dependent on them.

Aided by a friend’s dad who financially backed Canning’s lawsuit, she asked that her parents pay an outstanding $5,306 tuition bill for her private Catholic high school, cover her living and transportation costs, and contribute to a college fund in her name.

Then the story went viral, drawing plenty of presumably unwanted attention on Canning, with everything from hoaxes to opinion pieces directed at the teen.

Canning ultimately moved back in with her family in Roseland last week, with her attorney telling the media that the case had been settled “amicably.”

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