Warmer weather headed to East Coast this weekend

Commuters on Capitol Hill brave frigid temperatures in Washington. A so-called polar vortex that swept into the East Coast brought dangerously cold temperatures not seen in the area in about 20 years.
(Mark Wilson / Getty Images)
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Just a few days ago, the East Coast shivered in record-setting lows ushered in by an Arctic weather system known as a “polar vortex.” But this weekend, forecasters predict near-record highs from Georgia to the Northeast.

“We are going from well below normal to well above normal in five days -- it’s a big change,” Ken Clark, an AccuWeather meteorologist, told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s going to be much warmer than it has been, but not necessarily record highs.”

North Carolina could see the biggest temperature climb, from 25 degrees Tuesday to 72 degrees Saturday -- a nearly 50-degree difference.


New York City, Washington and Baltimore are expected to be in the 60s on Saturday. Boston can look forward to a high of 55.

Although warm, these temperatures are about 6 to 7 degrees shy of the record highs, Clark said.

But rain is forecast with the warmth Saturday.

“It’s going to be warmer so it will feel better, but there will be some problems,” Clark said, listing local flooding, potholes and ice jams as potential consequences of the rains.

Sunday will be dry but slightly cooler than Saturday, he said, with most East Coast cities averaging temperatures in the 40s.

“It will cool off but still not get ‘cold,’” Clark said.


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