For now, no arrest over George Zimmerman’s domestic spat

George Zimmerman may stay out of jail.

On Wednesday, the Lake Mary, Fla., Police Department said investigators may not have enough evidence to make an arrest in connection with the bizarre altercation that happened this week between the man who killed Trayvon Martin and his wife, who is divorcing him.

A police spokesman told reporters that an iPad that was being used to record the incident was too badly smashed to immediately retrieve video of what happened. And without direct video evidence, a criminal case for domestic battery may fail to materialize.

Part of the Monday dispute at the Lake Mary home they used to share was captured in a 911 call from Shellie Zimmerman, who told a dispatcher that George Zimmerman punched her father and smashed her iPad. She also said George Zimmerman was sitting in his car with “his hand on his gun and saying, ‘Step closer.’ ”


But the drama dissipated after police arrived.

George Zimmerman was detained at the scene but was not arrested or charged. Police later said they didn’t find a gun on Zimmerman, although they did not search his car, and that none of the witnesses had seen a gun.

That claim was contradicted by Zimmerman’s own attorney from the Martin trial, Mark O’Mara, who told CNN that Zimmerman was carrying a weapon at the time of the confrontation. O’Mara and Zimmerman have since parted ways.

What about Shellie Zimmerman’s smashed iPad, which was reportedly being used to record part of the marital confrontation?

“You can destroy whatever you want when you own things communally,” Lake Mary police spokesman Zach Hudson told reporters Wednesday.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office’s computer experts received the iPad on Wednesday morning, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Zimmerman has had minor brushes with the law since his July acquittal on charges he murdered Martin in February 2012. He was pulled over twice for speeding, once while he was armed.

Zimmerman also helped a family involved in a car crash, a bit of good press that was followed by news that he visited the manufacturer of the gun he used to shoot and kill Martin.

His wife filed for divorce from him last week, citing the immense strain of the trial and an increasingly distant husband.


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