Zion National Park finds body of missing BASE jumper

Zion National Park in Utah, where BASE jumping is illegal.
Zion National Park in Utah, where BASE jumping is illegal.
(Trent Nelson / Associated Press)

The body of a missing BASE jumper has been found in Zion National Park, officials said Monday. It is the second such fatality in the park in just over a month and the third in Utah in two months.

The body was found Sunday, officials said. No name has been released.

“The body is located in difficult terrain and in an area where crosswinds limit the use of a helicopter,” the park said in a statement posted on its website. “Search-and-rescue crews will assess options for recovery today. The team hopes to be able to recover the body over the next few days.”

BASE jumping is an extreme sport in which participants jump from a fixed object such as a building, bridge or cliff and use a parachute to land safely. It is illegal within Zion.


In early February, Amber Bellows, 28, of Salt Lake City died in the park when her parachute failed to open.

On Friday, Kevin A. Morroun, 35, of Moab died jumping from a cliff west there in southeastern Utah.

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