Shooting leaves 10 wounded outside a Allentown, Pa., nightclub; gang attack suspected


A street shooting that left 10 people wounded here Thursday is likely to be gang-related, authorities said.

The mass shooting outside the Deja Vu nightclub occurred shortly before 2 a.m. EDT. Most of the victims had just left the nightclub and were standing on the sidewalk when the shots were fired, police said. Authorities said they believe there were three shooters.

“It appears that at least one individual was a target,” Lehigh County Dist. Atty. Jim Martin and Allentown Police Chief Tony Alsleben said in a statement. “Although not confirmed, in our opinion based upon investigative information ... it is more likely than not that the outcome of the investigation will reveal a connection to gang violence.”


Witnesses and some of the shooting victims have been uncooperative with police, according to the statement. No arrests have been made, police said.

Witnesses said they saw several panicked people fleeing the scene on foot, and at least one car was spotted speeding away. All of the wounded were being treated at a local hospital and were expected to recover, authorities said.

“When everything went silent, all you could hear is the screaming and panicking,” Tashana Santiago, who lives near the club and woke to the sound of the shots, told the (Allentown) Morning Call. “All I could think was someone is dying.”