Mike Tyson called hero after aiding motorcyclist in crash

Mike Tyson is being called a hero after he came to the aid of an injured motorcyclist in Las Vegas.
Mike Tyson is being called a hero after he came to the aid of an injured motorcyclist in Las Vegas.
(Joe Klamar / Getty Images)

Retired boxing champion Mike Tyson is being hailed as a hero after he came to the aid of a motorcyclist who had been severely hurt in a crash on a freeway in Las Vegas last week.

The incident happened Tuesday evening, when Ryan Chesley, 29, was allegedly cut off by a taxi while on Interstate 15 about 9:30 p.m., Chesley’s attorney, Stephen Stubbs, told The Times.

“He was injured pretty bad,” Stubbs said. “He has broken bones and torn ligaments.”


Tyson and his entourage were driving behind Chesley when the crash happened, Stubbs said.

The former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world immediately got out of his car and started blocking traffic as well as making sure no one moved Chesley, Stubbs said.

“Ryan thought he was hallucinating when Mike came over and told him, ‘Don’t worry, help is on the way,’ ” Stubbs said. “He really protected him.”

Chesley, not believing his own eyes, managed to take a picture of Tyson at the scene, Stubbs said.

Once medical crews arrived, Tyson and his crew left the scene without drawing attention to themselves, Stubbs said. “He really was a hero,” he said.

Chesley, who requires extensive surgery for his injuries, Stubbs said, sent Tyson a note and a large fruit basket to thank him for his actions.

Tyson’s assistant, Steve Lott, told The Times that Tyson received the basket and card Friday and was touched by the gifts.

“I didn’t even know what he had done until I was asked where they could send the basket and the card,” Lott said. “Mike never mentioned it. He is like that.”

“Mike ate the pistachios first,” Lott added with a chuckle.

In the note, which Lott posted on Facebook, Chesley wrote: “Thank you so much for looking over me after my accident. It has to be the most reassuring thing in the world to have Mike Tyson telling people not to touch me.”

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