L.A. movers and shakers prep for Obama inauguration

Musician is performing at the Green Inauguration Ball and the Huffington Post party.
(Odd Andersen/ Associated Press)

Prominent Angelenos are flocking to President-elect Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremony and inaugural balls on Tuesday, and to related, high-profile events scheduled for this weekend. We spoke to attendees and party hosts, from Arianna Huffington to Shepard Fairey -- the L.A. street artist who created the iconic Obama poster inducted into the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery -- about their inaugural plans -- and, of course, what they plan to wear.

Arianna Huffington

Huffington Post cofounder and editor in chief

Which events are you attending?

Our Huffington Post party “Countdown to a New Day” on Monday at the Newseum is a midnight countdown to a new era with Sting and performing. The theme is turning the country around with everyone’s engagement and participation. We have a video of Americans around the country taking the oath that Obama will take the next day. The slogan: “It’s our inauguration.”

Your outfit?

I’m wearing a long eggplant taffeta skirt so I can wear flat shoes. My favorites are Dolce & Gabbana brown leather -- they have elastic in the back so they never slip.

Who’s the designer?

It’s all custom. [Beverly Hills tailor and retailer] Domenico Vacca makes great things in beautiful fabrics. He’s become a friend and he’ll be at the inauguration ball too. The top is beautiful cashmere by Vacca. I’m not having a lot of stuff made; I’m mixing and matching.

Are your daughters also wearing tailored Domenico Vacca pieces?

No, my daughters are probably wearing H&M.

Cheryl Hines

Actress, HBO’s “Curb Your “Enthusiasm” and ABC’s “In the Motherhood.”

What events are you attending?

The 2009 Inauguration and International Conservation Gala on Monday and the Creative Coalition Inaugural Brunch and Ball on Tuesday.

What are you wearing?

I have a call in to Ina Soltani who designed my 2008 Emmy dress to see if she has something fabulous to wear. For the Emmys, she made two different gowns for me -- I picked one. Hopefully, she’ll let me wear the other one to the ball. It’s white -- are you allowed to wear white? It’s patriotic. I keep hearing it is impossible to get even close to where you’re going; you have to walk for blocks. I don’t understand how you’re going to do that in 4-inch heels. High heels are a crapshoot; they might look beautiful, but they’ll kill your feet in 20 minutes. I’ll be wearing flip flops in Washington, D.C., by the time the week is out.

Diana Nguyen

Associate director of Declare Yourself, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded by Norman Lear and dedicated to registering young voters.

Your plans?

The best party is the Manifest Hope party Monday night. (The Manifest Hope inaugural ball in D.C., co-sponsored by, features performances by Santogold, Moby and De La Soul.). The party comes from the community with unknown artists working together. It’s daunting to see how inspired they are by one person, one idea or one movement to create something so special.

Declare Yourself is doing a big Inauguration Kick-Off Celebration fundraiser tonight, hosted by Jessica Alba, with Maroon 5 and DJ Samantha Ronson and Sekou (tha misfit). We’ll be debuting an awesome song, “Born Again American” written by Keith Carradine, and asking everyone to sign a pledge to commit to renewing the country’s promise.

What is in your garment bag and suitcase?

A blue silk taffeta J.Crew A-line party dress, Chanel camellia flower brooch, black Wolford tights and Loeffler Randall pumps for the swearing-in. J.Crew reminds me of the first lady. A black Temperley full-length crepe gown for the balls. A faux fur coat might be appropriate because it is so cold.

Are you considering an updo?

I think everyone will show up looking like we’re in “Mad Men"-- neat, well-kept and pulled together. The vibe right now is the new Kennedy era, new beginning and new hope. There’s a really deep nostalgia.

Eric Garcetti

Council member 13th district

What events are on your schedule?

The first Latino Inaugural Gala tonight with Marc Anthony headlining. The California Democratic Party Inaugural Bash is also tonight. The Recording Industry Assn. of America with Rihanna performing on Tuesday. The party I’m looking forward to the most is the Manifest Hope party on Monday.

What are you wearing?

I have a black Ralph Lauren tuxedo I got on sale years ago with a bow tie, hand-tied, of course, no clip-on or pre-tied.

You can tie a bow tie?

Absolutely. I learned in college; it’s like tying your shoes. For more casual events, I’m looking to wear a three-piece John Varvatos single-breasted tan and beige plaid suit -- I’ll need the vest for the weather -- with brown shoes by DKNY.

Shepard Fairey

Street artist whose iconic Obama campaign images culminated with his illustration of the president-elect gracing Time magazine’s 2008 Person of the Year cover.

Which events are you attending?

I’m going to the Manifest Hope party Monday. I’m also part of the Youth Inaugural Ball on Tuesday. Me and my studio did some graphics and I’m going to DJ.

What are you wearing?

At Manifest Hope, I’m going to wear a jean jacket and a Clash T-shirt. At the Youth Ball, if it’s formal, I got a pretty snappy Marc Jacobs slate-gray suit that my wife likes me to wear. I’ll wear it with a bow tie. My shoes are Prada.

Your next political art project?

Feeding America, the largest food bank, I’m doing pro bono work. I’m also doing an image for an organization called Adopt a Pet.

Solo artist, producer and member of the Black Eyed Peas.

Which events are you attending?

Performing at the Green Inauguration Ball and the Huffington Post party.

What are you wearing?

I always wear a tux -- black. Black is in right now with a white or green or blue shirt. I like Yves Saint Laurent’s tuxes. I’ll wear a trench coat, gloves and crazy accessories to the less formal stuff, but still fashioned-out Galliano. Instead of 007, I’m going to be 009.