Steve Poizner’s background

Steve Poizner

Political party: Republican

Occupation: state insurance commissioner

Age: 53, born Corpus Christi, Texas


City of residence: Los Gatos, Calif.

Personal: wife Carol, one daughter

Education: bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, University of Texas; MBA, Stanford University

Career highlights: founder, 1983, Strategic Mapping software company; founder, 1995, SnapTrack Inc.; director, Critical Infrastructure Protection, National Security Council, 2001-02; volunteer teacher, Mount Pleasant High School, San Jose, 2002-03; state insurance commissioner, 2007 to present.


Platform: calls for 10% tax cuts, 10% reduction in state spending and creation of a $10-million “rainy day” fund; wants to equalize and simplify state school-funding formula, create districts of charter schools, revoke state business licenses of employers who knowingly and repeatedly hire illegal immigrants, use state resources to help secure border

Campaign website: