John Edwards timeline

Key events Jan. 2, 2003: Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina announces his candidacy for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination.March 3, 2004: He drops out of the race.July 6, 2004: Sen. John F. Kerry, the Democratic nominee, selects Edwards as his running mate.Nov. 3, 2004: Kerry concedes defeat to President Bush. Edwards’ wife, Elizabeth, is diagnosed with breast cancer.2006: Edwards meets filmmaker Rielle Hunter in New York. His One America Committee pays her more than $100,000 to produce four videos about Edwards.Dec. 28, 2006: Edwards announces his candidacy for the 2008 nomination.Oct. 10, 2007: The National Enquirer reports that Edwards had an affair with Hunter. Edwards tells reporters: “The story is false. It’s completely untrue, ridiculous.” Rielle Hunter also denies the allegations.Dec. 19, 2007: The National Enquirer reports that Hunter is pregnant and Edwards is the father. An ex-Edwards aide, Andrew Young, 41, claims paternity.Jan. 30, 2008: Edwards ends his campaign for the Democratic nomination.Feb. 27, 2008: Hunter gives birth to a daughter, Frances Quinn Hunter.July 22, 2008: The National Enquirer reports that it confronted Edwards at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, where it says he visited Hunter and her daughter.July 23, 2008: At a news conference in Houston, Edwards says “the tabloid trash is full of lies."Aug. 6, 2008: National Enquirer publishes photos that it says are of Edwards with Rielle Hunter and of him with her baby.Aug. 8, 2008: Edwards admits to having had an affair with Hunter. He denies fathering her daughter. -- Kate Linthicum

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