Spokesman: Clinton not seeking World Bank presidency

Washington Bureau

A spokesman for Hillary Clinton swiftly and emphatically denied a report Thursday that the secretary of state was considering stepping down to seek the World Bank presidency in 2012.

Reuters cited three unnamed sources in its report that Clinton was open to leaving Foggy Bottom early, should current World Bank President Robert Zoellick leave at the end of his term.

“Hillary Clinton wants the job,” one Reuters source told the news agency.

Philippe Reines, traveling with Clinton in the United Arab Emirates, said the story was “completely untrue” and “bogus.”


“Secretary Clinton has not had any conversations with the president, the White House or anyone about moving to the World Bank. She has expressed absolutely no interest in the job. She would not take it if offered,” Reines said in an email to reporters.

Clinton’s future has long been a favorite subject in the Beltway cocktail circuit, with theories including a vice presidential run in place of Joe Biden in 2012, and another run of her own for the presidency in 2016.

In fact, Clinton has repeatedly said she looks forward to some down time at the end of President Obama’s first term.