Obama in ‘excellent health’ -- and tobacco-free

(Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)

Much as he complains about his gray hair and job stress, President Obama seems to be getting healthier as his term grinds along.

Obama’s physician reported Monday that the president is in “excellent health.”

His cholesterol count is down, his lungs are clear and his colon cancer test was negative, the report showed. Obama’s weight is up, but only by a pound.

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And he appears to have quit smoking for good; the doctor declared him “tobacco free.”


The results show an improvement in Obama’s condition from his last physical, in February 2010.

Then, his LDL cholesterol – that’s the bad kind – stood at 138, or borderline high. His doctors advised him to cut out the pie and get the number down to 130. Obama knocked it down to a level of 110, which WebMD rates “near-optimal.”

Should he win re-election, he would have less than a 2% chance of suffering coronary heart disease by the end of his second term.

Obama, who is 6-foot-1, weighs 181 pounds, up from 180 the last time.

He has “very mild myopia” (Republicans, insert joke here) and his lip has healed from a collision he endured in a pickup basketball game last year. Obama got a dozen stitches on his upper lip, which is “well-healed,” according to the report compiled by Dr. Jeffrey C. Kuhlman.

The president’s heart beats 67 times per minute. His blood pressure is 107/71.

With his wife agitating for healthier eating, Obama has been sticking to a nutritious diet. He drinks in moderation and eats nutritious food.

The public can be forgiven for expecting worse. Out on the campaign trail, Obama has been sounding bone-tired.

Speaking at a fund-raising event in Los Angeles last week, Obama said that a president ages in “dog years.”

And he’s got the gray hair to prove it.

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