Rep. Anthony Weiner: I won’t resign [Video]

Washington Bureau

Rep. Anthony Weiner said again Thursday that he would not resign, despite pressure from his Democratic colleagues to do so.

The New York Post released video of the New York congressman speaking with one of its reporters in midtown Manhattan, where he had left his lawyer’s office. He said he was returning to his district office to “get some work done.”

“I’ve betrayed a lot of people and I know it, and I’m trying to get back to work now, try to make amends to my constituents and of course to my family,” he said.

Asked if he would resign, he replied simply: “I’m not.”


Three days after acknowledging inappropriate online relationships with women, including the exchange of lewd photos, Weiner is conspicuously devoid of allies. At least six Democratic congressmen and two Democratic senators have publicly urged him to step down. The House is currently in recess, or else that number would probably be higher.

The Democratic caucus leadership has been silent publicly since calling for an Ethics Committee investigation into whether Weiner violated House rules.

“The snowball is starting to roll downhill and it’s getting bigger and bigger,” a senior Democratic aide told The Times on Wednesday.

A major concern for the Democrats is the more embarrassing revelations that might be to come, at a time when the party was hoping to make progress in its policy fights with theGOP.

Asked Thursday whether there were any additional photos that could come to light, Weiner offered a vague response.

“I exchanged inappropriate things with people. I think that I’ve now got to deal with those consequences. I was completely honest on Monday after I had not been for a while,” he said.

Weiner also refused to comment on reports that his wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant.