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Inside Chongjin

ILLEGAL COMMERCE: Markets like this one secretly taped by a visitor are springing up around Chongjin. (Rescue the North Korean People)
NEW LIFE IN SEOUL: Kim Hui Suk shops at a market near her workplace. She watched her husband, son and mother-in-law starve to death in the North. (Jean Chung / For The Times)
PRIVILEGED LIFE: Kim Hye Young’s family took the photo of her at left in Chongjin around 1990 to show off their appliances. (Jean Chung / For The Times)
SECOND THOUGHTS: Kim Hye Young fixes her makeup in Seoul to do a TV show. She is one of the few exiles to regret leaving the North. (Jean Chung / For The Times)
BROKEN HOME: Kim Hyok, 23, has resettled in South Korea. When he was 12, his father pulled strings to get him and his brother into an orphanage, where they had food. After leaving the orphanage, he never saw his father or brother again. (Jean Chung / For The Times)
HUNGRY: A young boy clings to a nearly empty jar of kimchi. He apparently has lost his toes to frostbite. (NTV)
NEW STATUS: The state has legalized some markets, such as this one in Sunam, and vendors are licensed. (Rescue the North Korean People)